Japan’s Defeat In The Second World War Was a Bless Essay

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To a large extent that I agree with the statement, “Japan’s defeat in the Second World War was a blessing to her”. Japan experienced great changes in political, economic and social development after the Second World War. These developments enhanced the progress of modernization of Japan. Firstly, in political aspect, Japan changed her political system and developed internal and external policies after Second World War. The changes are as follows: The Showa Constitution replaced Meiji Constitution after Second World War which promoted the democratization of Japanese politics. The emperor had supreme status and divine rights according to Meiji Constitution. However, under the post-war Showa Constitution, the emperor becomes only a symbol of the state. In addition, the legislative, executive and judicial powers (before the war)were vested in the emperor but after the war such powers were transferred to the Diet, the cabinets and courts. The post-war local administrative reforms mainly strengthen the local autonomy including the expansion of district autonomy, jurisdiction of local assembles, the public election system of Chief district executive officers and enhancement of residents’ right in political participation. The Showa Constitution established provisions for local autonomy. This promoted the democratization of Japanese politics after Second World War. Secondly, after the war, social classes were abolished and the lifestyle of people which enhances more diversification on her social development. The changes are as follows: The social classes are abolished. The pre-war upper class including nobles and zaibatsu lost their status and properties under the principle of popular sovereignty under the Showa Constitution. All people are equal before the law In addition, there was rapid development of the urban after the war. The number of full-time

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