Japan War Crime Essay

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Censorship has been an issue affecting many countries around the world , people who have a concern the this issue. Saudi Arabia threatens to cut off internet use, Egypt had a similar uprising when they were affected by a media blackout by the government to censor the country from the social outlets of the world. Censorship is a controversial issue due to the ethical dilemmas people have considered it to be. Censorship helps protect people from the negative influences but it also creates a world where control is favoured over freedom. It takes away the freedom the people have a right to have. Without censorship we are open to be corrupted by the negative influences of the world whether that is pornography or obscene language but without it we have freedom to live our life and make our own choices. Censorship is a topic with a lot of ethical questions behind it, Is freedom worth the price of a world that is good or perfect? Or I s a world censored necessarily a good thing? Even though some may consider it be ethical correct or ethical wrong, it can be judged based on theories of philosophers of the past. Is it for the greater good or is there a clear right or wrong? To many philosophers they would consider censorship as being wrong because it takes away the freedom and rights people in a society would have. If a country censors the world from pornography, it would violate are right to choose whether we want to watch it or not. Jean Paul Sarte would disagree with the idea of Censorship because he sates a man must recognize his or her own freedom but censorship is taking away the right people have to choose what they want to be controlled and what they want to choose. Pornography depends on your decision whether to watch it or not , but if someone else is making the decision then it loses its ethical value. He also states we have to take responsibility for

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