Japan Opportunites Essay

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SWOT analysis of japan OPPORTUNITES Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Japan 1. Pharmaceutical Japan has the world’s 2nd largest pharmaceutical industry with a total market value of over $60 billion. This proves that pharmaceutical products such as drugs and other forms of medication are in huge demand in Japan. So, investors can make it big in this sector. If you have in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, then Japan is a good place for you to go start your own business. 2. Information technology Again, Japan is the world’s second largest IT market in the world. The country’s IT industry caters to a huge local and international market. So, there are huge opportunities for experts in anything related to information technology. If you have a solid background in information technology and have a knack for developing innovative solutions, then Japan is waiting to reward your expertise. Better yet, you can start a business that sells various IT solutions. 3. Energy As Japan keeps developing by the day, the rate of energy consumption in the country is increasing. And more opportunities keep emerging for investors to make money from the energy sector.Although the industry is somewhat competitive, smart investors with strong unique selling points will always have their way through the market. 4. Retail Retailing is very lucrative in Japan, just like in many other countries. There is a large population to cater to, and so the market is large and the opportunities are unlimited. To start a retail business in Japan, you buy products from the manufacturers using your own funds and sell them, but this approach may be capital intensive. A smarter approach is to collaborate with manufacturers and get their products. You will only pay them back after you have sold the products. Amazon adopts the latter approach. 5. Manufacturing Japan has many

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