Japan In Wwii Essay

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World War II occurred during the years of 1939-1945. World War II was global that involved several countries. In World War I, Japan was supporting the Allied countries, but as they continued to want control over China, things got worse. In 1940, Japan occupied French Indochina Vietnam upon agreement with the French Vichy government and joined the Axis powers of Germany and Italy. These actions increased Japan’s conflict with the United States and Great Brittain. The resulting oil conflict caused Japan to capture the old rich Dutch East Indies known today as Indonesia and start a war with the United States and Great Brittain. Japan was well known and recognized for its strong military forces. During World War II, only the United States stood in Japan’s path. The United States Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor was the main challenge to Japan. Japan knew that the American bases in the Philippines could threaten their lines of communication between their Japanese home islands and the East Indies. So they planned to destroy the United States navy force. One of the major contributions made to World War II occurred when Japan made a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. The attack lasted less than one hour and left 2,403 Americans dead, destroyed 188 American planes and damaged or destroyed 8 American battleships. This attack helped Japan to expand over a large territory of India and New Guinea in the south. Things began to change for Japan after June 1942. The battle of Midway was one of the bloodiest battles in history. In the spring of 1945, United States military forces invaded Okinawa. As a result of the United States victory at Midway, Japan lost 253 planes and 3005 lives. After this defeat, Japan never regained their power. The years to follow led to 45 years of struggle known as the “Cold War.” Japan had
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