Japan Crisis And Us Nuclear Policy Article Reveiw

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Those who have been waiting for nuclear energy to be revived in the U.S. may have to wait even longer. The devastating aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami event has brought the potential dangers of nuclear reliance to the forefront of the world's attention. This disaster comes at a time when America is vying for alternative energy and was considering nuclear power as a possible option. The article reflects sentiments of potential for public back lash against nuclear power- it states, "The timing is tough for the industry, which recently has been enjoying more support in Washington than on Wall Street. President Obama, as well as Republican leaders on Capitol Hill want to lend the industry billions of dollars in additional taxpayer funds to help pay for building new nuclear plants." (Yang, 2011) In the wake of the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico , nuclear plants were considered as possible alternatives to oil and coal by environmentalist that were concerned about global warming. This unfortunate natural disaster is likely to inspire those who recently supported nuclear measures to have second thoughts. If public support for nuclear power withdraws, so will any other political or financial assistance to the nuclear industry. "Representatives of the nuclear industry said Saturday that it is too soon to know what impact the disaster in Japan could have on U.S. policy. 'Until we know exactly what happened in the plants in Japan it is very hard to know what conclusions to draw,' said Alex Flint, senior vice president of governmental affairs for the Nuclear Energy Institute, a group that lobbies for the industry”. (Yang, 2011) The Obama administration has pledged to invest in alternative power. The President has promised to spend 8 billion dollars in the development of the first nuclear power facility in the U.S. in nearly thirty years. In a

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