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Japan Case Study

  • Submitted by: CheckersPlayer
  • on August 4, 2013
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After world war two, japan was a pacesetter in the worldwide trend toward nationalism, including a transformation of its economy. In the 1970’s and 1980’s ethnic nationalism came back, with the claim that economic success was the product of uniqueness rather than the policies of the previous century. The economic downturn of the 1900’s challenged Japan. This made a reevaluation of national culture nationally. This manifested in attempting to resolve tensions with Asia and dismantle domestic social hierarchies. By the mid 1900’s the movement passed making a more strident culture.
Japan’s history is unusual because it is the only country to achieve advanced industrial status in the first half of the 20th century. Before world war two, it happened through intensive exploitation of the countryside. After the war, the Japanese rebuilt they’re economy. While nationalists faced many of the same circumstances and incorporated the same element into they’re ideas. They struggled with the proposition that national power was somehow the right of Europeans.   After Japan lost world war two, they came up with a version of developmental nationalism. Japanese culture has provided justifications for social hierarchy and inequality. Nationalism has operated in a way that undercuts commitment to equality of individuals. An argument for Japan normality in the world has not been as susceptible to this use.
Japan resembled the colonized world. Japanese nationalists shared with other non-westerners the need to confront the facts that Europeans justified they’re dominance.   Most late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The Japanese were disappointed by western power and thought of themselves as disadvantaged in the race. Japanese leaders also shared with other developers coping with superior capitalist core. Scholars of Japanese nationalism have agreed that state nationalism dominated over nationalism imagined around an ethnic community. Modern Japanese society was also...

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