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Professor Li Pelletier 1 Asian Humanities January 30, 2012 Asian vs. Western Culture & Women Based on the class readings and what I have learned throughout the beginning of the semester over women in Asian culture along with Confucianism and what has been expected of women throughout history, I would personally state that there are many similarities and differences between the Asian culture and Western culture involving women. Through Confucianism Filial Piety was created and is seen as a code for both men and women to follow throughout life to obtain a greater life after death. This code set up rules concerning devotion and reverence to parents and elders, self-cultivation through education, reciprocity, humanness, and an order of hierarchy. Through these rules women were bound to a certain kind of life style being belittled and treated poorly without the same rights as men. In the western culture there are plenty of examples of where men came before women especially when women were just seen as homemakers. In the western culture in a different way than the Asian culture women also had to fight for their rights and through their fighting gained rights sooner. With that statement I am not implying that the western culture is better it is just different. With the Asian culture, which has been around for many more centuries than ours it has been harder for women to gain the same rights as men because of the chain of hierarchy and rules of respect they are bound too. Pelletier 2 What I have personally learned through my

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