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Television plays an important role in the everyday life of Japanese, the average Japanese watches three hours and twenty eight minutes of television per day; therefore, television is influential. There are five major private broadcasters: NTV, TBS, Fuji, TV Asahi, and KTV. News footage often has faces, handcuffed hands, and automobile license plates blurred or jumbled for privacy reasons. Even passing cars have their license plate numbers blurred out (Censorship and Privacy in Japan). The president of KTV resigned over false data scandal, including fabricated data on the benefits of natto (a kind of fermented beans), lemons and wasabi. Stores had runs on natto after the show claimed people could easily lose weight if they ate natto every day for breakfast and lunch; showing that the public has become ‘unable to think for themselves’ as Takashi Uesegi said. The Nippon Broadcasting Company (NHK) covers issues the governments wants them to and ignoring others. In 2001, NHK gave into government requests to soften a documentary on Japan’s wartime sex slaves (NHK). During the news, and other programs, stations buzzer out words referencing people who are short, fat, bald or left-handed—that have been deemed as impolite or offensive. Television had little political influence until 1993 when a new Diet was to be elected and the candidates were shown on television. Television is accused of presenting an image of “what society should be” rather than what is actually occurring (Cooper-Chen, 113). The Japanese censor a large variety of sources from politics to pornography; pornography has been censored since the Meiji Era during the 1800’s. Japan is one of the largest pornography markets in the world, yet it was one of the first areas to censor porn (Japan Probe). During the Meiji Era, porn was first censored, materials deemed ‘injurious to public morals’ were banned. After

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