January 2011 His 2q Aqa Source Question Essay

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June 2011 paper; source based questions 1. Source A is an extract from a textbook, discussing the treatment of the civilians by the Vietcong, showing the contrast between their ‘hard work’ to win over the peasantry, and their ‘ruthlessness’ when agitated. This source shows accounts for both a positive and negative view of the VC, including information that shows them in both of these lights. Source B has been written more recently, but is however again a textbook extract. This source, in contrast, talks less about the behaviour of the Vietcong, and instead focuses on the mistakes made by the US and South Vietnam. The main,overwhelming, difference between these two sources is their primary focus. Source A centres on how the VC attempted to gain support, and win the hearts and minds of the people. It references a method of this; ‘offering them a fairer distribution of land’ in order to demonstrate the techniques used, and how these contrast with those used by the Americans and South Vietnamese. The Vietcong had a strict code of behaviour to follow when entering a village, including rules such as ‘do not spoil the lands or belongings of the villagers’ and ‘never break your word’, and it seems that this source is referencing this when mentioning how ‘effective’ they were in winning the hearts and minds of the villagers. In contrast, the focus of source B is not how they gained the support, but the growth and development of it as American involvement increased. It states, ‘by the time the americans began entering in large numbers, the vast majority of villagers had joined the NLF’. The Vietcong’s numbers had increased dramatically, from just 23,000 in 1963 to 170,000 in 1965, and this source is concerned primarily with this widespread development. Another difference in the views of these sources in relation to the Vietcong in South Vietnam, is that
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