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Something Minor can be so Major The state of Alabama has such a rich history and is blanketed with historical sites. One of these sites, Janney Furnace, is located off of Highway 144 in the small town of Ohatchee. (hmdb.org) Why would a furnace constructed in 1863 be considered a historical site? All because of a minor battle during the American Civil War. In mid-1863 a businessman by the name of Alfred Janney, was buying iron to send to his Montgomery business when he discovered land covered with iron ore near Ohatchee. Mr. Janney decided it would be a great place to construct a pig iron producing furnace that would help in making ammunition for the Confederate Army. The furnace named after Janney was built…show more content…
The minor battle, also called a skirmish, was disastrous for the Confederate troops. General Rousseau was told of nearby furnaces being used to help the Confederacy and he ordered hundreds of his men to destroy the furnaces. The Union soldiers burned down all the wooden structures and blasted 25 feet off the top of Janney Furnace. The furnace was never finished for production. (Janneyfurnace.org) The location of the Janney Iron Furnace was left deserted after this blast. That is until the late 1990's when the Calhoun County Commissioners decided to turn it and the surrounding land into a County park. When arriving today, the first thing you come across is the largest black granite Confederate Memorial in the world. (janneyfurnace.org 2) The memorial was created in 2003 to honor the soldiers of Calhoun County who served for the Confederate States of America, naming those that died while serving and those that survived. Then you come to the furnace made of sandstone standing tall at 25 feet high, 11 feet wide, and located right off the current road. You are able to stand inside the bottom of the furnace, look up the chimney, and picture how

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