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Andrew Perry Dr. Ricketts MRKT 4330 Spring 2015 Janmar Coatings Out of all the industries in the U.S., the paint coatings industry is considered to be one with growth at a level that keeps up with rising inflation. It is a $16 billion dollar industry with one to two percent annual growth that is divided into three segments: architectural coatings, original equipment manufacturing (OEM) coatings, and special-purpose coatings. Architectural coatings account for 43% of the total industry dollar sales, and is estimated to be valued at more than $12 billion dollars for U.S. sales. About 50% of architectural coatings’ sales are brought in by DIY painters’ purchases. Professional painters’ purchases are accounted for about 25% of the dollar sales. The rest is from government, export, and contractor sales. The three main types of distributors are mass merchandisers and home improvement centers. (50%), special paint stores (36%), and hardware stores and lumberyards (14%). I. Market/Situation Analysis Janmar Coatings, Inc. is a company that sells architectural paint coatings and sundries (brushes, rollers, paint removers). They market to over 50 counties Dallas, Texas. The major service area is in the 11 county Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) metropolitan area. The sales volume grew to $80 million in 2004 and DFW made up about 60% ($48 million) of those sales, which the non-DFW areas made up the remainder $32 million. Janmar Coatings has two market segments, Dallas Fort Worth and Non-Dallas Fort Worth. DFW has 80 of the stores and Non-DFW 120 of the stores. To break it down more, the other two segments within those two areas are do-it-yourselfers and professional painters. 70% of sales of professional contractors are in DFW area and 70% of sales of do-it-yourselfers are in non DFW area. Each area accounts for 50% of the sales. Janmar Coatings, Inc. is strong with their

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