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Rrrrrrriiiiiinnnggggg!!!!!!! Janet Summers jumped as she heard the sound of the telephone ringing. "Don't answer it," she thought to herself. "No matter what, don't answer it." Beaten and bruised, Janet sat on the worn carpet of her living room floor trembling in a pile of her own blood. "I can't do this anymore. I can't keep hiding." she whispered as she listened to the phone ring again. Once again Janet had given in to the power of her, now ex-boyfriend and as a result, suffered from external and internal bruising. She was not afraid to stand up to him but she was too afraid to tell anyone what had happened. She would figure out how to explain the marks, just like she had in the past. "Just hang up!!!" Janet shouted as she heard the phone ring for the tenth time. The phone rang again. Feeling annoyed, she slowly raised herself off the ground and limped to the telephone stand. "H-hello" she muttered. "Hi honey. How you doing? I just wanted to tell you that I'm going to be a little late today coming home." Janet sighed as she listened to the comforting sound of her father's voice calmly speaking to her. "Hello? Janet--are you there?" Her shaking subsided and she shook herself from her fixed gaze upon the mess her tortured body had made. "Yes…Sorry Daddy. Yeah…okay…thanks. See you later." "Are you all right sweetie?" "Yeah, I'm fine Dad, bye." Janet hurriedly placed the phone back down before her worried father could question her any further. "Okay, so that just means I have plenty of time to clean all of this up," the girl muttered silently. The heat of the room had not before seemed quite noticeable. But now, as she stood between faded yellow, cracked, and blood spattered walls, the dry heat grew almost overwhelming. She rushed to the nearest wall, sliding down its rough surface, and gave an attempt to slow her breathing. As her heart began to

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