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Is Barbie a Good Role Model For Girls? Barbie dolls are the most popular toys for young girls. Parents choose Barbie as a mentor for their daughters as they grow up. In the essay, “You Can Never Have Too Many,” Jane Smiley discusses her experience with Barbie dolls. In addition, she witnesses her daughters grow up with Barbie influence. Smiley believes that Barbie dolls can be role models for young girls, and she also thinks girls like Barbie because with the doll they can discover new things, girls define their femininity, and it is their liking during childhood. Jane Smiley states that young girls like Barbie dolls because they can try on a no-holds-bared (376). Smiley’s daughters are in the childhood stage when they are often curious to try something. Smiley says, “Both of them learned how to put makeup before kindergarten” (376). Smiley’s daughters learned to apply makeup; however the writer did not know who taught them, until she blamed to Barbie as the influence of their girls. Smiley realized that her daughters were trying new things, such as applying makeup. She did not argue with her girls; instead she let her girls to experiment with makeup or perhaps other things as they grow up. Next, Jane Smiley says that girls start to discover and develop their femininity while playing with Barbie dolls. Indeed, Smiley’s daughters were learning about femininity as they were playing with Barbie. During childhood, when girls play with Barbie, they start to shape their femininity. Then when girls reach puberty, they will try to show their femininity. For example, Smiley states, “Both my girls went through periods where they would wear only pink and purple” (376). When girls wear pink or purple clothes, they automatically start to learn and define their femininity. These colors are the most popular and symbols of femininity because they are used

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