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JANE EYRE SUMMARY Chapter 14 Summary line: Mr. Rochester and Jane have a conversation about life and themselves, which brings them closer together. Summary: During the next few days, Jane saw little of Mr. Rochester. One day after his dinner company had left, he sends for Jane and Adèle and gives Adèle the present she’d been waiting for, she runs off merrily. Mr. Rochester is in a chatty mood, but Jane feels uncomfortable towards his proximity. Mr. Rochester asks Jane if she thinks him handsome, and Jane automatically answers no, to which Mr. Rochester asks for reasons. He lets her know that he needs company, and that the she is the best he can get, in order to have a serious conversation. Mr. Rochester talks to her about their equality, and tells her that he is only superior in age. (Links to page 292 when he asks her to marry him, and she tells him she needs equality and he says, “equal as we are”). As Adèle comes back dressed as a miniature of Cèline Varens, Mr. Rochester promises to explain this at some other time. Important Quotes: “Don’t draw the chair farther off” (152): Rochester wants to sit close to Jane, physical proximity, which creates and imbalance in their relationship. “Do you think me handsome?” (154): Again, messes with their relationship. Puts Jane on the spot. “He seemed to read the glance” (158): Shows the connection between them, how she never had the ability to lie. “Will get it, cost what it may…it will taste bitter” (160): Links to bitterness in page 344. This shows how Mr. R will do anything to achieve happiness whilst Jane will only do the correct thing. “I do not wish to treat you like an inferior…only superiority of age” (156): Shows how Rochester believes them to be equal in everything but age, as he can be her father because of 20 years difference. This links to when he asks Jane to marry him, and he says: “Equal as

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