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Prepared Reading of Jane Eyre Major Characters Jane Eyre: Jane is an orphan who lives with her Aunt. As a child she never received any attention, or real love. She is always looking for attention by being disrespectful and by not being the average girl for the period of time. Jane grows up to be a schoolteacher, where she later falls in love with her boss, Mr. Rochester. Mr. Rochester: He is married to Bertha, but he cheats on her with an opera singer who he gets pregnant. He has a daughter named Adèle. At first Mr. Rochester is distant towards Jane, but later on he falls for her. Minor Characters Mrs. Reed: Mrs. Reed is Jane’s aunt. She doesn’t seem to care about her, and she sends her to Lowood. Helen Burns: Helen is Jane’s first friend at Lowood. Helen gets tuberculosis and dies. St. John Rivers: St. John is Jane’s cousin. He is a bishop. He proposes to Jane but she denies him. Later on he goes on a trip and gets really sick. Conflict The main conflict is Jane’s lack of love. As a child she never received love from her aunt. She was always punished and treated badly. The best Mrs. Reeds ever did was sending her to a Lowood. Lowood is a poor school where she received her education allowing her to become a teacher there. She enjoys teaching at Lowood, but she still needs real love from someone. Jane gets a job at Thornfield where she meets her boss Mr. Rochester. He seems to be distant towards her at first, but he ends up falling in love with her. He tries to convince her to have an affair with him , and as a result Jane runs away. Mr. Rochester’s wife, Bertha, burns down the Thornfield estate causing Mr. Rochester to lose his sight, which he regains when Jane comes back. Jane and Mr. Rochester get married, and Jane finally receives real love. Technique Allusion: Jane is forced to sit on a stool alone in the red

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