Jane Eyre Lowood Instituion Essay

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Jane had a very hard experience at Lowood. Her early years were a struggle due to the teachers and the schools environment, and the main reason Mr.Brocklehurst. Jane is a very smart, confident and self assured girl but she is looked down on in society because she is from a poor desent, and in the Victorian period children like Jane who were disobidient and passionate were punished heavily to become better children for the future. The Lowood instituion was pretty much made up by charity so they had a lack of resources as well as a lack of money to keep the school in perfect running condition. In addition to this, the teachers were very cold hearted and were 'taught' to punish their students for little things that were exgaurated, but the leader of the teachers; Mr Brockelhurst is a heartless and hypocritical man who is described as a 'stony stranger' wearing a 'carved mask'. The fact that he is compared to a pillar shows us that he is a very big man tat is tough to break and how powerful he actually is. The mask creates imagery of something being hidden but also scary which would scare little children just like Jane. His eyes 'twinkled' when he was with Jane which shows that he felt pleasure having patriarchy over Jane and used religon of beating bad out of the children as an excuse against her. The reasons for Mr Brocklehurst being like this was that he held the views of a capitalist. The majority of people in that era believe that children were born with sin inside them and in order for them to be cleared of this sin they would have to 'beat the sin' out of them to make them fit for the big wide world. The author Bronte, believed that children were born plain and innocent into the world but the influences around them and society is what made children misbehave and becoming the children of hell they are today. The author ( Bronte ) made Mr Brocklehurst be

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