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Jane Eyre- Guided Question #1 Jane Eyre is an orphan who is taken in by her uncle and his wife, Sarah Reed. When Jane’s uncle passes away she is left in the care of Mrs. Reed, who is now in charge of Gateshead Hall. Mrs. Reed has three children: Eliza, John, and Georgiana Reed. Jane is treated very unfairly in the Reed household. For example, Mrs. Reed finds an excuse to exclude Jane from everything her family does. John bullies and punishes Jane continuously, but Mrs. Reed is blind and deaf to the subject. One day when Jane is reading behind the curtains, John bursts into the room and strikes Jane for her “impudence on answering mama a while since and for sneaking behind the curtains”(5). John also throws a book at Jane’s head and she starts to bleed. Out of anger Jane yells to John that he is “like a murderer”(5). Mrs. Reed unfairly punishes Jane by locking her in the red-room, the same room where Mr. Reed died. While Jane is in the red-room she sees a light and thinks a ghost will come. She lets out a scream and Mrs. Reed tells Jane she will stay in the red-room one hour longer and that it is her duty to show Jane that “tricks will not answer”(13). Mrs. Reed no longer wants her children nor herself to be associated with Jane so she arranges for Jane to be sent to Lowood, a school for orphaned

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