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Growing up abused by her aunt, Jane was against injustice at an early age. Through the next couple years, she changed after learning from her friend and teacher. In the story Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Jane hates her family because they treat her poorly, but at Lowood she learns to change. Jane was alone at Gateshead with no one who cared for her. She was bullied around by her cousin John who told Jane he was her master. Jane knew that John was not but just wanted to take advantage of her. Jane’s aunt Mrs. Reed locked her up in the Red-Room, the room where her uncle who had taken Jane into the family, had died. She was not able to tolerate the inequality. Jane was sent to a school which became her new home, and to cause more trouble for Jane, Mrs. Reed told Mr. Brocklehurst that Jane was a liar. Mr. Brocklehurst announced this fallacy in front of the entire school and ruined Jane’s reputation. She despised all who treated her unjustly. Jane met Helen Burns who became her best friend at Lowood. Jane also admired Miss Temple who treated Jane well and ultimately proved that Jane was not a liar. Jane saw that Helen was treated unfairly at school as she was at her home in Gateshead. She could not understand how Helen could cope with the injustice. She then learned that Helen was very religious and believed that god would see her as a good person and that she would go to heaven. Jane changes in the story from hating injustice to coping with the situations. She proves that she is not a liar and she can stand up for herself. She learned through the story that the same predicament can be overcome with different

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