Jane Eyre, Dracula, Psycho Essay

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Dracula, Psycho, and Jane Eyre are three texts which, though covering a broad variety of topics, are intrinsically linked through one such topic: the duality of human beings. Dracula, on its surface, may appear to just be a monster story, but the monster in question is more than just a blood-sucking abomination. He is representative of how mankind has a monster lurking within, one that must utilize others to survive, one that is seductive, dark, and mysterious, and one that is ultimately invited in by its victims. Psycho, as the title suggests, is about a deranged killer. However, he is no ordinary murderer. Norman Bates is a monster far scarier than Dracula. He is an average Joe, the friendly neighborhood innkeeper. However, he is also a serial killer. And not only that, but he hides this killer persona under the most innocent of guises: an old woman who wouldn’t even hurt a fly. He demonstrates that the monsters that live among us can be both deranged murderers and caring innkeepers (or mothers or really any role that one would not expect a killer to fill). Jane Eyre is just a simple love story. Yeah right. Jane herself may not be a murderous monster, or at least she doesn’t tell the reader she is, but her doppelganger Bertha is certainly not to be trifled with. Ultimately, Jane tries to hide or avoid any insanity, while Bertha has succumbed to it. Bertha and Jane demonstrate that anyone and everyone can be monstrous. Jane hides it, Bertha embraces it, but both are victims of the same underlying condition. These three texts paint a dismal picture about the human condition, one of death, fear, and monsters, but one that is so impactful that these stories remain relevant to modern
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