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Sheena Adae-Amoakoh 11EP Ms Green English Literature Coursework Wednesday 2 February 2011 Bronte uses the novel Jane Eyre as a vehicle for social comment The novel Jane Eyre was first published in October 1847 by a young orphan female called Charlotte Bronte. After experiencing the death of great percentage of her family including mother and father, she and the remaining siblings took to imaginative fantasies and fictitious worlds. Bronte wanted to share her thoughts on social injustices of which surrounded the struggles between femininity and feminism, but knew that considering to be an female author to write a book which attacked these visible flaws of her time would of inevitably brought about a dispute. The society of her area felt comfortable living their lives and believing in what they wanted to; without the opinionated views of a young woman. Undeterred by this, Bronte developed a plan to convey he views through story by veiling her name under that of Currer Bell, ‘an ambiguous choice of name being dedicated by a sort of conscientious scruple at assuming Christian names positively masculine’ as she explains it. Bronte wanted to highlight in the minds of her readers, which would have been the typical Victorian audience, the topics in which they appeared relentless to its tune. Thus, Jane Eyre became Bronte’s self reflection voicing emotions through story. Religion was one of the most obvious topics Bronte attacked in her novel ‘Jane Eyre’. Bronte believed that religion was taken advantage of by the older and middle aged Victorian society; used to justify punishments, ungracious and immoral acts. Jane had many of these experiences when she overstayed her welcome at Gateshead Hall as well as Lowood. Thrown into the Red Room, punished for standing up to for her rights, Jane was quoted on what her fate could await her in the hands of her

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