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Jane Eyre During the time period in which this novel was written, women were expected to follow extremely high standards. Most Victorian women followed these expectations, while there may be some who disagree with these high standards, including Jane Eyre, the protagonist of the novel Jane Eyre. Jane is viewed as a “rebel” who is depicted as an independent woman, which challenges the stereotypical view of Victorian women. The Victorian Era, where Jane Eyre takes place, is known for its high standards and the expectation to always look presentable and proper. Fashion had been a huge part of the Victorian Era, which was directed to the women. Fashion trends had included tight corsets, over exaggerated shoulder pads, and in general just a demanding style. This image, that was expected, put unneeded stress on the Victorian Women. Anything that didn’t seem to fit expectations, were seen as unsuitable and were looked down upon. However, the main “goal” of a Victorian women was to marry a man, and almost devote their entire lives to them. This is because women during this time were seen to be innocent, and were expected to live their life without expressing their opinion. For example, these women weren’t marrying their husband because of genuine love towards the man but more for investing the money and the luxuries that came with the marriage. Take Blanche Ingram for example, she is the definition of a true Victorian Woman from what is seen from her appearance in the novel. Ingram says,"Whenever I marry," she continued, after a pause which none interrupted, "I am resolved my husband shall not be a rival, but a foil to me. I will suffer no competitor near the throne; I shall exact an undivided homage: his devotions shall not be shared between me and the shape he sees in his mirror." Her idea of marriage is she should be superior to her partner in which she doesn’t

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