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Jane Eyre Essay The novel opens on a dreary November afternoon at Gateshead, the home of the wealthy Reed family. A young girl named Jane Eyre sits in the drawing room reading Bewick’s History of British Birds. Jane’s aunt, Mrs. Reed, has forbidden her niece to play with her cousins Eliza, Georgiana, and the bullying John. John chides Jane for being a lowly orphan who is only permitted to live with the Reeds because of his mother’s charity. In the first two chapters of this novel, we do find that Jane Eyre was mistreated by Mrs. Reed and her children. If we may pay our great attention about the Reed family from chapter 1-10, the readers are quite lost about the cause of this anger and hate which is being practiced by Mrs. Reed and her children. In chapter 1 we somehow found some reason for Jane to live/stay with Reed family, which was told by John (cousin) when he bullied her, but there is no reason for such hate to be given to her by the Reed family. Jane Eyre eventually got great care from the people who were not kin to the family, like: Miss Abbott, Bessie Lee. These two servants took great care about of Jane Eyre when she felt neglected by her Reed family. In chapter 3 we get to meet Mr. Lloyd (the family apothecary) who suggested that Jane must go to study so she could get some happiness. In chapter 4, we found that the cruelty from the family continued even much worst from before, while Jane waited for a decision to be taken so that she could go and study. But Mrs. Reed went ahead and spread propaganda to Mr. Brocklehurst that Jane Eyre is a liar. That showed Mrs. Reed tried with everything to manipulate Jane’s progress. In chapter 5 we get to meet with Mr. Bocklehurst (the headmaster the school in Lowood). Brocklehurst had negative attitude towards Jane because he was told bad things about Mrs. Reed. By reading chapter 5-10 we find that Mr. Brocklehurst is

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