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Jane Eyre is the only one of Charlotte Bronte’s work; I learned this from reading the preface about the author at the beginning of the book, and I thought to my self how good can this book be if it’s the only one to ever be written? Once I finished the book, it was clear to me Bronte didn’t need to write anymore books. I found this book really interesting, even though I struggled to get through the long and dull parts, the story does become addictive and once you lay your hands on it I bet that you won’t get your eyes off of it till you finish the last page. Jane Eyre is considered to be a true heroine of the Victorian time period (www.accademic.brooklyn.cuny.edu.com), Bronte has portrayed Jane very differently from the usual woman in the 19th century. Jane Eyre is the perfect example of a book filled with love, mystery, reason and passion. Jane Eyre is a young orphan with harsh relatives who ship her off to a school, Lowood, for underprivileged children and it isn’t the definition of “home sweet home”. Jane grows up at Lowood, and then goes to work as a governess under a mysterious man, Mr. Rochester. A man that’s 20 years older than her and despite all of his harsh ways Jane falls in love with him. I never knew what was in store in the next chapter and I was always so eager to find out, each page become more interesting and each chapter grew more in depth. This book incorporates all genres, from romance to suspense, mystery to drama. I laughed, cried and just about tore my hair out. It seemed that all things possible would come up in order to keep Jane and her lover, Rochester, from being together. Jane Eyre is a long book and uses old fashioned language so it may not be for everyone, but those in need of a really good romance, I highly recommend it because it definitely gave me a sense of what love is and how blinded everyone is by

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