Jane Eyre 1 Essay

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Jane Eyre 2 While reading this novel, I realized that Jane has a lot of trouble finding the equilibrium between her beliefs and attention to tangible items. Through her quest to find this allusive balance Jane becomes acquainted with three characters who influence her as a person. These three characters are Mr. Brocklehurst (Lowood school master), Helen Burns (Jane’s friend at Lowood), and finally St. John Rivers (Jane’s Benefactor). Each of these characters represent different models of religion and the balance between beliefs and attention to tangible items. Jane ultimately forms her own ideas which are a mix of all the influences of these three characters and her own experiences. Helen Burns influences Jane in that she is the type of character who believes in kindness and indulgence. All the other end of the spectrum Mr. Brocklehurst is the type of man who is very self-centered and refused to help anyone unless it benefits him. Finally St. John Rivers is the type of man who believes that religion and morals are very important as long as one takes action to actually back up their morals and religion. In the end Bronte’s intent of placing Jane’s expedition to find religion is ultimately to show Jane’s development throughout this novel. At first it shows that Jane relies on other people far too much. As Jane starts to form her own ideas, she starts to become the more strong and independent woman shown at the end of the

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