Jane Elliot's 'Self-Fulfilling Prophecy'

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Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Jane Elliot’s experiment first indicated that the students with blue eyes have superiority in intelligence, and that students with brown eyes were inferior. The next day she reversed this saying her statement was untrue and that the reverse situation now prevailed. The students that thought they were in the superior category oppressed the students in the inferior category, and the students in the inferior category exhibited negative self-worth and fear. Jane Elliot’s experiment exhibits prejudice because of the negative evaluations of the groups with different color eyes, and the members of these groups were not considered individuals. She based her judgments of them solely based on the physical characteristic of their eye color. This experiment also exhibits stereotyping because Jane Elliot used a belief about a typical characteristic (eye color) to assume the intelligence level of the…show more content…
This type of stereotype is similar to that of the “dumb jock”, and like the students in the experiment college athletes are often portrayed as inferior academically (Lubus, 2011). These stereotypes cause the students to feel inferior because of the self-fulfilling prophecy, and the students adopt these attributes and behaviors because that is how their environment makes them feel. This study shows how our society can easily use stereotypes and prejudice to create an environment where they become the reality. The self-fulfilling prophecy uses the expectations of these stereotypes to create that environment, and this will affect a person’s own behaviors and self-impressions. I believe this creates a false sense of the stereotypes playing true, and that in actuality the people classified in the stereotype may be nothing like
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