Jane Blasio's Article 'Secrets': Article Analysis

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Ethics and “Secrets” By Terrance Manning The Family Sociology 207 Mrs. Brzezienski Georgia Military College October 26, 2012 In the south, during the 50’s and 60’s unwed mothers often had a stigma attached. These women were often ostracized and shunned by their communities. This led many of them to terminate their pregnancies through, at the time, illegal means or to give their babies away. The article “Secrets” is about a woman named Jane Blasio, an Ohio woman, who traveled back to McCaysville, Georgia, to find her birth mother. While searching for her mother, she unraveled a mystery. The man, who delivered her, Doctor Thomas Jugarthy Hicks, ran an illegal abortion clinic and sold more than 200 babies on the black market.

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