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I had great fun reading about the life in the 18th century when the world was so differentJane Austen and Jenny Cooper are cousins. Jenny Cooper parents died when she was young, her brother is Edward-John. Edward-John got married with a lady name Augusta. Jane and Jenny was sent to a boarding school. Jane was very sick and she almost died. Jenny wanted to send a letter to her aunt(Jane’s mother) to come as fast as she could, but the teacher won’t help her send the letter. Jenny sneak out thru the window at midnight, on her way to post the letter she met Captain Williams(Thomas). He protected her and brought her back to her room safely.After 2 days, Jane mum came and pick them up. Jenny followed her aunt back. Her brother came the next day to bring her back, but she refused and wanted to stay with Jane. Mrs Austen agree to let her stay. Jane has 5 brother and a sister. One day, they wanted to go hunting, but it was Jenny’s first time, so she sat on Frank’s pony. As it was her first time so Frank was standing beside her incase she fall off the pony. The very next day, he offered Jenny that he would teach he to ride the pony. There is a very important ball “The Assembly Rooms at Basingstorke”, Mrs Austen brought them to town to buy their new dresses. Cassandra(Jane’s elder sister) also followed them. Mrs.Austen got a yellow dress, Cassandra got a pink dress while Jane and Jenny got a white snowy dress. The dress have to take 2 weeks to be done. Mrs Ford the tailor came and measure the length of their waist and so on. That evening, while Mrs Austen was cleaning the store, she found a musical box full of blue glass beads from Jenny’s mums dress and there was a paper written “Beads from my Wedding Gown for Jenny’ first ball gown” but it was too late, Mrs Ford left 2 hours ago. Jenny decided to keep them and sew them at the end of her gown in an triangle shape. After the

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