Jane And Finch Sociology

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For years, the media’s perspective of the Jane and Finch community can be understood by the saying, ‘the glass half empty rather than half full”. In other words, the community is seen as one ridden with gang culture, drugs and corruption to the fullest extent due to the predominance of violence and poverty. Although the occurrence of violence is rare and momentary; it is the sole focus of the media who blows it out of proportion. Hence, the community of Jane and Finch is illustrated as an impoverished neighbourhood affiliated with gang violence almost reflexively. In contrast, the public is constantly trying to redeem the destructive stereotype cast by the media. In the end, the media’s portrayal of the Jane- Finch community is totally…show more content…
Over the past decade there have been various established programs and associations to encourage the community’s involvement and provide aid. Organizations such as “The Spot” located within the local mall is always crowded with the youth of the Jane and Finch neighbourhood. The Spot provides youth with a place to hang out with their friends, engage in recreational activities, access the internet and acquire support and solutions to problems. It also funds programs such as Jane/Milo, HIV Prevention, Girls Group, and graffiti activities so that youth are encouraged to participate and get involved. Another organization called Youth Inc. grants access to valuable resources to help people find meaningful work and future careers. Both organizations have been very successful in providing their services as they have been able to assist people with finding employment, and keep youth occupied and distant from quandaries. Nevertheless, the media broadcasts Jane and Finch as impoverished; implanting a biased image in the eyes of strangers who rely on the media as their only source of news. They claim that the youth of the area are tightly knotted with gangs who are criminals that prey on innocent people and on each other. Hence, the notion of the media is misleading as the goodness within the Jane and Finch community is submerged under a biased…show more content…
The high schools within the community are comprised of special programs, and highly qualified teachers and staff that make the learning experience beneficial and meaningful throughout each student’s career. Westview Centennial S.S., C.W. Jeffery C.I., Emery C.I., and James Cardinal McGuigan S.S., local high schools in the area, all foster a program called the Advanced Credit Experience (ACE) program, which cannot be found in other schools in Toronto. The ACE program is offered to senior students in the high schools where it provides students with an opportunity to experience university or college environments while still being enrolled in high school. For a semester of their high school year, students take a course at York University or Seneca College, also located within the Jane and Finch region, for free as well as receiving a co-op education. In this program, students are able to earn their high school credits, a university or college credit, as well as a scholarship. In addition to ACE, C.W. Jefferys offers an Esteem Program, while Westview Centennial offers ST EPS, another advanced program. The schools are taught by highly qualified teachers, some whom are doctors and graduates from top ranked universities such as Queens University and the University of Toronto. On the contrary, the media focuses on a rare

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