Jane Addams Essay

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Heroine, Jane Addams Jane Addams, a women born in era in combination of western consolidation,mass immigration, the political and economic crisis, and the beginning of America imperialism ,played a importantly lifelong heroine role serving the suffered woman and the poor immigrants and showed her steadfast commitment to improving woman life and right .Displaying her intelligence, sympathy, enthusiasm, sophistication, in settlement and peace movement .She made grand contribution to women in that times. Her success in a sense of woman movement and Nobel Prize Reward put her on remarkable position in woman history of America. Born in Cedarville Illinois, Jane Addams was daughter of a rich, loving, prosperous white family. Her father was the president of the second National Bank of Freeport, the senator of Illinois, and also a founding member of Republic party and supported Abraham Lincoln. Her father political background somehow heavily influenced Addams and nourished Addam’s activism and politics breed in her future, which will be further demonstrated in the following paragraphs of the paper. Grown up in a upper class family, Jane Addams, was always expected to be a educated and cultured homebound woman. Her father encouraged her to pursue higher education .She was educated in United States and Europe, graduating from Rockford Female Seminary University, after that she also spent seven months studying at Women’s Medical College of Philadelphia. Jane inherited $50.000, instead of staying at home enjoying leisured woman life, she capitalize on that money to set off for a two-year tour of Europe with her step mother, which great broadened her eyes and experiences. However, the chance of encountering London’s Toynbee Hall serving the urban poor of London turned Jane’s life around when she went about her second tour of Europe,
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