Jandamara Chapter Summaries Essay

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Chapter 5 1. What terrible dilemma did Jandamara face in 1894? He has to choose whether to kill his best friend or let the Bunuba people get wiped out all together. 2. Name the men who knew how to use guns. Ellemarra, Lilamarra, Captain and Jandamara. 3. How did Ellemarra help create peace in the region? He negotiated a truce. 4. Why was the Lillamoora homestead abandoned? There were not enough workers to keep the cattle and sheep from going into the Bunuba land. 5. Which of the three stories do you believe happened on page 38? Why? The third one because it sounds the most realistic, it’s still told by the Bunuba people today. 6. What would you have done if you were in Jandamarra’s position? I would shoot the police man. 7. Why do you think the prisoners listened to and obeyed Jandamarra after what he had done? Because it shows he is a leader. 8. What was the pivotal point where Jandamara decided to let his people go? When Joe Blyth wanted to take over the Bunuba land for is cattle. 9. Jandamara shed his agony, doubt and guilt like a snake shed’s its skin. What literary device is used here? A metaphor Chapter 6 1. Who died at the ambush at Windjana Gorge? Frank Bourke and Oswald gibs. 2. List the items in the wagon Jandamara captured at the ambush. Ammunition, white man’s food and drink, fencing wire, nails, horse shoes, leather, rope, tools, needles, thread, clothing and utensils 3. How do the different ways of mapping the land become a communication problem for Europeans and Aboriginal people? Because the Europeans won’t be able to know where it’s sage and where it isn’t 4. Would the local Aboriginal people be impressed with the actions of jandamara and his men? Yes 5. Why are these dream time stories are significant today even though science has

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