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UNIT I Lesson 1 Introduction to International Marketing Learning Objectives from the lesson: 1. Understanding of international marketing. 2. Distinguish between international and domestic marketing. 3. The various management orientations. 4. Why is international marketing required? 5. Benefits of international marketing. We live in a global marketplace. As you read this chapter, you may be sitting in a chair imported from Brazil or at a desk imported from Denmark. You may have purchased these items form IKEA, the Swedish global furniture retailer. The computer on your desk could be a sleek new IBM ThinkPad designed and marketed worldwide by IBM and manufactured in Taiwan by Acer, Inc., or perhaps a Macintosh designed and marketed worldwide by Apple and manufactured in Ireland. Your shoes are likely to be from Italy, and the coffee you are sipping is form Latin America or Africa. Good morning students, today we would start with the basics of international marketing. MARKETING: A UNIVERSAL DISCIPLINE As we all know the foundation for a successful global marketing program is a sound understating of the marketing discipline. Marketing is the process of focusing the resources and objectives of an organization on environmental opportunities and needs. The first and most fundamental fact about marketing is that it is universal discipline. Marketing is a set of concepts, tools, theories, practices and procedures, and experience. Together, these elements constitute a teachable and learnable body of knowledge. Although marketing is universal, marketing practice, of course, varies form country to country. Each person is unique, and each country is unique. This reality of differences means that we cannot always directly apply experience form one country to another. If the customers, competitors, channels of distribution, and available media are different, it may be necessary

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