Jamie Turner Case Study

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Problem Statement: After working at MLI Jamie is concerned that the relationship between him and the president Cardullo is declining, which is causing uncertainty and conflicts impacting the company’s sales. Analysis: Jamie and Cardullo appear to have different expectations in regards to the psychological contract. A reason Jamie and Cardullo’s relationship may be declining is because they have different expectations in regards to the psychological contract. The psychological contract is the mutual expectations of the individual and the organization as articulated by its managers. Both parties bring to the relationship a set of expectations of what each will give and receive, the set of both the individual’s and the organization’s expectations become the basis of the psychological contract. It seems like Jamie expected to be trained and given time to feel comfortable in his position at MLI, however Cardullo wanted him to hit the ground running, providing no time for him to become familiar with the company or his role there. Jamie expected independence but that is not what he received most times. Initially Cardullo offered Jamie a free hand in reorganizing the marketing area, and complete autonomy in pricing however, Cardullo began to intervene frequently sometimes undermining or even reversing Jamie’s decisions. Moreover, Pat Cardullo wanted someone to take on more responsibility quickly, he wanted Jamie to take on sales during his first three months of working at MLI; but Jamie was reluctant he did not want to take on too much too soon and wanted a better understanding of the people and the activities in sales. Both Cardullo and Jamie anticipated a lot from each other but neither clearly stated their expectations, therefore the company’s sales and productivity is being impacted. Realizing there was a problem Jamie tried to meet with Cardullo however he

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