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Jamie Turner 1) How did Turner get himself into this particular predicament? There are many reasons behind the Turner’s current situation, first of all his sudden decision of changing the company, though the job offer was very good. The job role offered to him at MLI was different than his earlier, which he didn’t take into account. Every opportunity has some advantages and disadvantages, which turner didn’t analyze properly, moreover MLI was struggling financially. There was a lot of difference between Turner’s expectations (rather assumptions) from MLI and what actually happened after joining MLI, which was the result of Turner’s unconscious decision of taking job. Secondly, Turner didn’t get time to get familiar with new people, working conditions and responsibilities and also he didn’t get what was promised to him at the time of interview like complete autonomy, freedom to take decisions. And turner couldn’t cope up with this situation. Third and most important factor which has made Turner’s situation even worse is his relationship with higher management and peer group, particularly with Mr. Cardullo. Turner and Mr. Cardullo are two different personalities, as Turner wants to work as a team and according to Mr. Cardullo everybody should be capable to handle his department without any others help. As Mr. Cardullo is President an Turner is VP, it’s Turner’s responsibility to maintain good relationship with higher management in which he obviously failed and ultimately lead him to this unpleasant situation. 2) What did Pat Cardullo and Jamie Turner each initially bring to the situation at MLI that should seem to ensure success? Failure? Every Coin has two sides and both Mr.

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