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Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx is the highest paid black actor. He is an all-round entertainer. He is mostly known for playing in the Roc, In living Color, Ray, and his show The Jamie Foxx Show. He sings, and he has three albums. He is also a comedian. Jamie Foxx was born on December 13, 1967. His real name is Eric Marlon Bishop. His parent gave him up, and he was adopted by a nursery operator and a yard worker and grew up in the black quarter of Terrell, at the time a racially segregated community. He started comedy by accepting a dare from a girlfriend. Foxx joined the cast of In Living Color in 1991 and then played a regular role in the comedy-drama show “Roc”. He has his own show called “The Jamie Foxx Show”. It ran from 1996 to 201. In 1992 he debuted into film with the movie “Toys”. After that, roles started coming to him such as Any Given Sunday, and Collateral. He got nominated as the best supporting actor. His music career was going well until he featured on a song with Twista and Kanye West. The song reached #1 on the U.S Billboard Hot 100, as well as #3 on the UK Singles chart. Foxx's had another collaboration with Kanye West "Gold Digger" and it went straight to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and stayed there for 10 weeks. He won many awards for acting. He is the best black male actor right now. His most awarded film is Ray. He got 21 awards. He is a good comedian. He is a great actor. He is one of the best all round actors. He will be

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