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Adjustment is coping behavior that permits us to meet the demands we face in the environment. Sometimes the demands are physical. Genetic influences also contribute to most of the adjustment problems we face in coping with stressful demands, such as emotional disorders involving anxiety and depression, and even criminal or antisocial behavior science, and the psychology of adjustment provides a scientific approach to coping with the challenges of life. One of the hallmarks of the scientific approach is critical thinking. But what is critical thinking? Critical thinking actually has many meanings. On one level, it means taking nothing for granted. There are many sources of stress. In this module we consider various sources of stress: daily hassles, life changes, pain and discomfort, conflict, irrational beliefs, Type A behavior, and environmental factors like disasters, noise, and crowding Inner-concern hassles: being lonely and fearful of confrontation Future security hassles: concerns about job security, taxes, property investments, stock market swings, and retirement. These hassles are linked to psychological variables such as nervousness, worrying, inability to get started, feelings of sadness, and feelings of loneliness. Pain and discomfort impair performance and coping ability For most people in the United States, pain is a frequent adjustment problem. Headaches, backaches, toothaches—these are only a few of the types of pain that most of us encounter from time to time Coping with that age-old enemy—pain—has traditionally been a medical issue. The primary treatment has been chemical, as in the use of pain-killing drugs. However, psychology has dramatically expanded our arsenal of weapons for fighting pain So we should be careful about inferring causal links. Nonetheless, it makes sense that facing the stressors in

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