Jamestown Vs Plymouth Colony Dbq

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9/8/12 APUSH Chapter TWO Essays 1. Identify the differences between the Jamestown and Plymouth colonies in terms of objectives, types of settlers, early problems and reasons for success | |Jamestown |Plymouth | |Objectives |-Avoid the mistakes of Roanoke |-Religious toleration and spread of the word of the Gospel | | |-Defend themselves |-Establish a civil government and remain loyal to the king | |…show more content…
She said eventually that many clergy were among the non elect and had no right to exercise authority over their congregations. She stated that women had no role in Puritan society. 3. Discuss the economic and political and religious factors in the colonies that tended to produce sectional differences. There were many factors in the colonies that tended to produce sectional differences. Some of these factors include religious, political and economic. Many people had different views about religion. The main reason that some people came to America was for religious freedom and to escape the religious persecution that they were experiencing in England and other countries. People had different views on how the values of society should be weighted. Political factors also had some people interested in having a written out set of laws and some were interested in being self-governed with no written set of laws. Economic factors also provided sectional differences. Depending on the way people produced food and what kind of jobs they had determines how they made money and how much they made determined how their society ran and what jobs people needed to
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