Jamestown Round 3 Review Essay

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Round 3 Review Terms Virginia colony (Jamestown)- 1607 * Disease ridden, swampy, contaminated water * Mostly young men in their 20s searching for gold all day * Starving Time (1609-1610)- Colonists die off due to lack of food and insufficient shelter * Captain John Smith, "Thou who shall not work shall not eat." * John Rolfe - Started to grow and sell American tobacco (sold well in England) * Virginia Company (London Company)- Joint stock company wanting more colonization * House of Burgesses - First Colonial House of Representatives/ Colonial Assembly * They had control of most of the colonies money * Headright - 50 acres of land given to anyone who paid their voyage to the New World * Indentured Servitude - Option for people who could not pay for their journey to America * Forced to work on a farm or plantation for 7 years and then they were free * Owners…show more content…
Munich Conference- European diplomatic conference where GB and FR appease Hitler's demands for Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia. Cash and carry program 1939- Neutrality Act of 1939; allowed arms trade with belligerent nations on a cash and carry basis (ended the arms embargo); repealed earlier neutrality acts; countries such as Britain and France would have to pay for American goods in cash and provide transportation for them. This would keep US ships out of the war zone and eliminate the need for war loans. Lend-Lease Act 1939- On 11th March 1941, Congress passed the Lend-Lease Act. The legislation gave President Franklin D. Roosevelt the powers to sell, transfer, exchange, lend equipment to any country to help it defend itself against the Axis powers; A sum of $50 billion was appropriated by Congress for Lend-Lease. The money went to 38 different countries with Britain receiving over $31 billion. Over the next few years the British government repaid $650 million of this
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