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APUSH Jamestown Letter 9/29/12 Dear beloved brother, I have arrived here safely at the Jamestown colony of our great homeland England and I have been here for three months now. The journey over was anything but pleasant, the conditions on the way over where god awful. As we departed for the colony our ships were stalled in the channel between England and France for nearly a month. Had the winds not turned in our favor I believe we would have returned soon as the passengers were becoming rowdy as we could still see home but had none of the benefits of being at home. As the winds shifted we proceeded on down into the warmth of the tropics. We reached the Canary Islands with relative ease and after refilling both our stores of water and food we…show more content…
They seem to like captain smith as he often will travel to their main village and remain for a week at a time always returning with large amounts of food. However, I have found the lifestyle here exhilarating in sense, never having the guarantee of the next day keeps me on edge but I like it. Never have I experienced freedom like this brother an entire land so unexplored and yet so close that as I dabble in the woods around camp one can’t help but feel small. I helped build my own house the feeling in living in something built with your own hands brother gives one a sense of self I cannot express in words. I do miss England and you and mother but I would suggest that you try to make it over her if your inclining for adventure is as strong as you suggest it is. I was invited on one of Smith’s journeys next week and I am rather excited as he says my work ethic has proved me of use to him and that I will join him and ten others on their next trade venture. Hope all is well at home, I will write again next month hopefully but one never does know when the ship will return. Show mother my love and take care of yourself hope to see you soon. I’m off to
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