James Parker Performance Review

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JAMES’ PERSPECTIVE Mr. Simpson – Gerry, you now call him – has scheduled a year-end performance review with you for next week. He has asked you to prepare a summary of how you think you have done in terms of delivering results and impact on the organization, demonstrating the Nielsen Values, as well as identifying your strengths and development opportunities. Since the mid-year discussion with Gerry, you have tried very hard to get a handle on all the work and specifically to focus on the priority areas of the job. Once you got a copy of your Job Profile you began to see more clearly why Gerry said to spend much more time with your Audit Managers and your “internal clients”, the 4 Regional Office Managers and Sales VP. You think you’ve made progress but it’s been a struggle. It’s hard to find time to work on special projects for these offices and to provide higher level consulting advice on internal controls, etc, when so much of your time is still required by the sub standard performance of your field auditors. You’re also confused because your “high level clients” seem to really appreciate the depth of your technical knowledge now that they’ve worked with you for 9 months – one of them even told you she now understands why you got promoted! Here’s how you see it: I. Performance Results/Impact on the Organization 1) Simplify work processes and take unnecessary work out of the Audit function as evidenced by: A. Reduce the cost of carrying temporary employees and contract workers within one of his Sales Regions to a level at or below the organization average by end of Q3 this year. Results: • You convinced the Regional Sales VP, Robert Randall, that the way to approach this problem was to conduct a special pricing analysis of his 12 sales offices. Randall had been very resistant at first because he thought it would distract his

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