James Murday Visual Analysis

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Robert Mullner The soft focus of the photograph and the solidity colour of the rocks with the calm colours of the sunset intrigues me. I admire the fact usage of the mood that is being presented which is a calm mood. The significance this photograph has on me is how it is such a natural photo being made into a beautiful landscape photo Ozlay The digital composition of this photograph make the time being experienced seem vintage. The red tones in it create a feeling of summer and its festives. The disrupted focus is intriguing as it creates more creativity to the close-up shot of the Esky. I like this photograph as it reminds me of summer and its fun. Cathleen Tarrawhiti I like this photograph because of how it reminds me of the times playing in fountains in the city. Also because of the…show more content…
The digital effect of the clock flowing down the photograph makes the image seem relaxed. The tones of the sepia/ classic tones makes the photograph surrealistic. The contrast of the top and the bottom of the clock creates the photograph. I like this photograph because of its composition. I love the way it just merges into the flowing clock. Andrea The grey tones in this photograph make the image seem dull and city-like. The focus seems to be in the fore ground but fades out to be out of focus and fades to one tone. I love how the artist has created this with the lighting. This establishing shot creates a strong image of the city and the lifestyle on a dull day. Mel Brackstone This photograph as an intesnsity to bring the feeling of heat and summer. The lighting in this photograph is just so ethereal with the textures and the earthy tones it makes it seem so Australian. The contrast between the water and the dry sand is striking and you can almost feel the landscapes surroundings. I like this photograph has it reminds me of the hot days of summer which are the best times of the year.

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