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James Moloney’s novel A bridge to Wiseman’s Cove is all about the adventures of the protagonist Carl Matt. Carl is the son of Kerry and the brother of Sarah and Harley Matt. When Sarah and Kerry abandon him there’s only one place for him to go, Wattle Beach. His Aunt is waiting there for him and his brother. In Wattle Beach he will learn and overtake the curse of Matt’s, free the Bird of Osprey and visit Wiseman’s Cove. Carl is a great character but also unlucky. When he visits Wattle Beach he learns of something named “The Curse of the Matt’s. “Skip… saw what he hadn’t thought to find, not in someone Matt”. Carl gets gauged by his name and not his personality. At the end he finally escapes the curse of the Matt’s and his bad luck. The Bird of Osprey symbolises Carl’s life and fears, trapped at the start and then free at the end. Carl has always been feeling bad about himself and his family, especially about his mum not loving him and never coming back. When Carl frees the bird of Osprey he feels like he can be free. “Carl shared in … the freedom of the bird itself”. Carl feels like he is the bird of Osprey because his injured at the start and then free. Wiseman’s Cove is where Harley, Carl’s brother, spends most of his time and where M lives. Carl has spent lots of time there with his brother and Joy. When he goes there he feels like home. There he learns that his Grandfather had killed Skip Duncan’s son. When he learns about that he feels bad for himself and family. Wisemans Cove is one of Carl’s favourite and most important places. When Carl has overtaken all of his fears he can make more friends and make people see what he really is. Now that Carl knows everything about his name and family he can continue with his
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