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Ryan Erikson Biography, James Michener James Michener What makes Indiana Jones such an amazing character? Why is there a series of movies about him? What makes him as a history professor or a historian such an exciting character to watch and examine? Because he lives the history! Yes, I know that Indiana Jones is a fictional character. But what if Indiana Jones were real? Would millions read the books that he would write? Would he travel the world and share his experiences? Wouldn’t he teach others about what he had accomplished? I believe that he would, and I believe that he has. There are a lot of historians that have come and gone through out our written history. The Indiana Jones ‘character’ that I am writing about is one of those special historians that stands out. These stand out characteristics include: over 50 published books, winning the Pulitzer Prize by the age of 41, donating over 100 million dollars to education institutes for educating writers, serving in the armed forces, visiting 45 states before the age of 20, a true ‘rage to riches’ story. This outstanding character has done all this and countless other accomplishments throughout his life. His names is not Indiana Jones, his name is James Michener. James Michener was born in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, on February 3, 1907, and was abandoned by his parents. Mabel Michener, a poor widow, took him in, although in one biography account by John Hayes, “Mabel was James Michener's birth mother, but being unwed, she used the adoption story to protect them both. Michener holds to the adoption version but no longer discusses the subject.” So his adoptive mother might have been his birth mother as well. Either way his childhood was still the same. Michener grew up in the poorest of poor conditions. According to Michener himself in an interview he said, “We never had a sled, a

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