James Meredith Essay

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Individual Civil Rights Diary Jamie Graham HIS/145 August 29, 2012 Harvey Tidwell Abstract In the life of an African American, James Meredith became one of America’s leaders in the civil right movement. In the pages below, is the history of his life as to becoming a leader and opposing the board of educations in the United States. Civil Rights Diary of James Meredith James Meredith was born in Kosciusko, Mississippi, on June 25, 1933, his passion and, love is deep- rooted in Mississippi as it was passed from his father who was the first among his family to possess a piece of land, 70 miles Northeast of Jackson, Mississippi (Cohoda 1997). When he became a teenager, he entered the Air Force, because he knew he had a purpose in life, and his purpose showed him how to fight. Preparing for Battle After the tour was over, Meredith and, his wife wanted to finish his and her education, so they made Mississippi their place of choice. While attending Jackson State College, he entered a small group, which wanted to become leaders and change the course of that small community college. They had small group discussions about change with the encouragement in mind Meredith decides to become the first color to attend the University of Mississippi. In January 21, 1961, President John F. Kennedy had given his speech at his inauguration about change; James Meredith took the inauguration speech as a symbol and timing to place his foot in the door of the University of Mississippi stepping into his future and becoming the voice of change for his people. Becoming a Leader The desegregation of the University of Mississippi, by James Meredith became a landmark on U.S. History (Kirk, 2010). A formal Air serviceman was
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