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How and why Children are being used for War? James Jefferson Global Interdependence, 11-C Sister Lawson June 1, 2012 Abstract Growing up in America, you do not expect adolescent to become fighters for their country. You would expect there to be grown males in those battles, putting their lives on the line. This is certainly not the case around the world. In places such as Uganda, Africa, Congo, etc. children are taken at a young age and forced against their will to put their selves in harm’s way to fight for the country. This paper will go in depth with facts about child soldiers in different parts of the world. It will present the problem and a solution to this issue. “How and why Children are being used for War?” “A child goes missing, abducted, in the United States. The police are notified and they issue what in America is referred to as an Amber Alert. Radio stations begin broadcasting descriptions, while TV stations flash pictures of both the abductor and abducted across the screen. Billboards along major roads flash pertinent information regarding the abduction. The police move out in force with helicopters and planes and the Army National Guard may even be engaged. Everything is put into operation to bring a child home to its family. At the same time, they go after the abductor to put him behind bars, so she or he cannot harm any other child. In another part of the world, on the other side of this globe, in the northern districts of Uganda, 30,000 children have been abducted in the past 20 some years. Most every family in the Acholi and now Langi area has been affected. Many families have lost a child through abduction, or their village was attacked and destroyed, families burned out and/or killed, and harvests destroyed by an army of abducted children known

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