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James I I. Succession Elizabeth died in March 1603. The main problem was she has no heir. End of the Tudor era. Her Privy Council decided who are going to succeed her. They chosed James VI of Scotland who became also James I of England. For the first time in history a king ruled both Scotland and England : Union of the Crowns. !! The two cuntries were completly separated with their own gvt etc... James I wanted the title of King of Parliament but Parliament refused. He remained King if Scotland and King of England. II. James's beginning Smooth succession because it had been prepared for a long time. There was no schock. He was well recepted by the Privy Council. However there were some attempt of assaacination : Gun Powder Plot in 1605 by a catholic group who tried to blow out the Parliament. The man who was found in the…show more content…
James was very enraged at this because he thought the Huse of Commons was going too far. To him foreign policy was the King's problem not Commons's. They outstepping their rights. => Crisis become James threatened the Commons of punishment if it kept asking these thgs and conversly the Commons replied by publishing a statement their rights. For the first time people asserted their rights and the freedom of speech. => James dissolved the Parliament again. By this time he was no longer popular. Prince Charles went to Spain on his own without telling anyone, to seduce the infanta. But when he arrived in Spain the infanta hated him. She refused to marry a non-catholic. To marry her he had to stay one year in Spain and to become catholic. It was considered as an insult in England. Charles came back to England and fully suported Parliament. James was still against this war because he wanted to protect peace. Another wr with Spain would be catastrophic. Charles opposed his father. => very messy
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