James Bulger Crimes

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There are many types of crimes committed in life, and each case must be judged on its own merits. From the most minor offences to the most heinous crimes committed surely everybody deserves a second chance at life? By understanding how a criminal mind works maybe we can assess who deserves leniency and who doesn’t. Are we born bad, or do we become bad? This is a question which may never be answered. The mind-set of a criminal is a fascinating one, and only by trying to understand how they think and looking at patterns in their behaviour throughout their life, may we finally get the answer to this very tough question. There can be no doubt; some people in life commit crimes as a last resort as they see no other alternative to their problems.…show more content…
Everybody in life deserves a second chance should they choose a wrong path, or do they? Murder: Can there ever be any forgiving circumstances for a person who has taken another life. Should they be treated as evil or treated as people who have taken a wrong path? The case of James Bulger, is a horrific crime, 2 year old James was abducted whilst out shopping with his mother at a shopping centre in Liverpool in 1993. His body was found three days later on train tracks, his torso had been torn in two. His killers were eventually tracked down and charged with murder: the killers John Venables and Robert Thompson were both 10 years old. They had beaten, stripped, and abused two year old James, and left his already dead body on a train track knowing a train would eventually slice the child in half. Are they evil or mentally unwell? Do they deserve a second chance at life? This case could argue that certain…show more content…
His reason was that by killing Lennon he would then inherit the world icons fame. By looking at the life of Chapman (crime investigation.co.uk/Mark Chapman) many of the traits of other killers can be spotted. He had an abusive father, he didn’t fit in with other children in school, and one could say he was a loner. His life was one downward spiral of drugs and debt to the point where he tried to kill himself by attaching a plastic hose to the exhaust pipe of his car. The plastic hose melted and he survived. He then checked himself into a mental facility; this was 4 years before the murder of John Lennon. Would it be possible at this point to spot the traits in Mark Chapman’s life? Could we have redirected his mind from the path it was heading down? This case could argue that whilst he was not born evil, he was certainly becoming bad. His reason for the murder would suggest he was not of a sane mind, however he was not convicted as clinically insane or mentally unwell, he was convicted as a ruthless killer and remains in custody to this day. It could be said by looking at the story of Mark Chapman he made many cries for help, but it never came and he headed down a path of devastation and the world lost a legend in John

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