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: When providing care for someone, why is it important to avoid making assumptions based on stereotypes? How can care workers guard against doing this? A stereotype is a frequently held set of assumptions about a person. This is based on an alleged trait of a group they belong to. This presents an oversimplified and imprecise view of the person in question. The problem with stereotypes is that they misrepresent how people are seen (K101,Unit 11,p140). I will discuss why it is important when providing care for someone to avoid making assumptions based on stereotypes and how individual care workers can safeguard against doing this. Many groups of people are affected by stereotypes when they try to access care services. I will be using the case studies on Mhari (K101, unit 11 pp.138, 143) and Edwina Mc Carthy to prove this (K101, Resource 14 pp 81, 82). Mhari was in her 60’s and had suffered a stroke leaving her struggling to walk, her doctor suggested putting her name forward for a wheelchair. Due to stereotypes about wheelchair users Mhari went against this idea and left the surgery feeling anxious as she believed that if she did go into a wheelchair people would not approach her and instead approach the person pushing her, also this would change the way she viewed herself (K101, Unit 11, p 138). Later on in Mhari’s story we find out that Stuart the care manager had gone to visit Mhari to assess her as she had asked for some personal care at home, during this assessment he asked her if she was married Mhari had hesitated and replied she was divorced and living with Gillian, Stuart just assumes that Gillian is her lodger or friend. Mhari had chosen not to ‘come out’ as a lesbian to her family or her doctor so goes along with the assumption. The carers assigned to Mhari had been given a key to let themselves in and one day Janet, a carer, arrived and found the

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