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• White Australians has destroyed the Indigenous culture and tradition. The indigenous tradition and culture had many things like dream time which was to do with sacred sites and their traditional languages and traditional performances like dance and songs. Putting Terra Nullius in place without a proper signature, stolen generation and how the invaded and settled. P1 • White invasion and settlement. • They came and brought disease and it killed off a massive amount of aborigines. • They also came and took over land without even thinking about the aborigines. • E.g. Small pox, tuberculosis and syphilis. • Quote- ‘within three years …… up to 90% of the local group around botany bay have thought to have died’. From chapter 1 first Australians, Yr 9 learning journeys, indigenous Australians. • E.g. they built up fences and took over sacred land from them and made it hard or impossible to get to their land. They also cleared land for agriculture. As the colony expanded food become much harder to get to. • Quote-“Traditional hunting areas and food sources were disturbed as the colony expanded.” “Fences appeared and access to waterholes or sacred sites became difficult or impossible.” From chapter 1 first Australians, Yr 9 learning journeys, indigenous Australians. • The white settlers came, destroyed and nearly wiped out the aboriginals, then soon realised they had to do more to wipe them out. P2 • The white settlers devised a plan called the stolen generation. • The whole point of the stolen generation was to make the aboriginals race die out over time by breeding. • There is a lady called Karen who is part of the stolen generation and she has psychiatric problems and she is on medication everyday trying to come to terms of what had happened to her. She has taken 29 years to know her birth mother and father. It is hard for her to see them. • Quote-It

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