Jamaican Culture, Ethnic Experience

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My Ethnic Experience: Jamaican Culture During my ethnic experience, I had the opportunity to interview a Jamaican, and gain some insight on the Jamaican culture. Since my I began my career at Fort Valley State University, I have seen a variety of black people or those of African descent. Some are African Americans, Haitian, African, Jamaican, etc, but they all have a unique style about them. Listening to the a mixture of languages and witnessing different reactions to so many various cultural backgrounds really showed me that Americans are so much more diverse than other countries. I have always taken interest in the Jamaican culture, and this experience helped me to overcome my zone of ethnocentrism. The American way of life is all I am knowledgeable of because I have never taken out the opportunity to really learn about another culture. The interview I conducted introduced me to another culture, and showed me a whole new insight of Jamaicans that I was not familiar with. I had the privilege to interview Ashley Codling, an attendee at the Fort Valley State University. She was born in Negril, Jamaica and raised there until her mother put her up for adoption to a Jamaican, who served in the United States Army. She was ecstatic in my interest of her culture and was very delighted to do an interview. One of the first questions I proposed to her was about her family and her settlement in the United States. She said “[her mother] wanted [her] to have a better life than she, [her mother], could ever give [her]” (Codling). In America, Ashley had the opportunity to attend grade school as well as come to a HBCU to better her life and make her deceased biological mother proud. There are many differences that appear from the Jamaican culture compared to the greater American culture. Males and females are equals in the workforce. The female is not dependent on

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