Jake Tolias: A Short Story

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There were whispers. Everywhere. Hundreds of them. Students stared as Jake Tolias walked down the halls of Hazelwood West. They questioned whether they should approach him or ask if he was okay. Students stared, glared, and judged. They couldn’t help but notice the five scars trailing the outside of his forehead down to his ear, the redness around each line, forever reminding him of that horrible night. But more than anything, they sympathized. After overcoming nightmares, therapy, depression, and the constant what if’s, Jake just wanted normal, even though that might never happen. “At the time, I never thought everything would go back to normal,” says Jake, now acknowledging that life might just never be the same. It started downtown, at the city's…show more content…
Brandon was thrown 25 feet, chipping a disc in his back and cutting his head. Jake Tallo broke his left arm when the car landed on it. Steven was thrown from the middle of the backseat into the dashboard, snapping his neck and killing him instantly. Thomas, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, did not get tossed out. He was crushed when the car flipped several times -- literally -- and is now paralyzed from the waist down. Jake Tolias, who was sitting behind Thomas, was the only passenger with his seat belt on. As the car flipped, he was slammed into the door and knocked unconscious, while glass slashed his forehead and skull. “In a way, I think I got lucky,” says Jake.” I’m glad I blacked out because remembering every second and every noise would have been too much.” After the accident Jake would lie in bed and attempt to sleep. His eyelids would finally close but his mind would start turning. The memory of that night played through his head word for word, as if he

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